The High School Athlete’s Guide to College Baseball

The High School Athlete’s Guide to College Baseball is by far the best book of its kind for those looking to play baseball in college. The only book to focus solely on baseball, the book offers real life tips from the college coaches doing the recruiting. It covers camps, showcases, tournaments, video, and a variety of other tips to give you an edge over the competition.

I must compliment you. Out of all the reading I have done, videos we have bought and lectures attended, yours is
 THE best investment we have made as far as learning the recruiting process. You have done a great job
 and really give people not only quantity but quality information. Thanks again,” – David Wilpon, parent.

Wayne, you’ve heard it enough and I’m going to tell you again: this book is incredible! The absolute best source of info available for a player and parents. As a parent with a son in the middle of it all right now this book was the answer to so many questions we’ve had.So much is talked about by people who don’t know which turns the process into a nightmare. Man did this book help. Thank you again for your efforts in putting this book together,” – Mick Jones, parent

“If you are like many families this recruiting process can be confusing and overwhelming.  Over the years, many people have asked me if there  is anything out there that could  “enlighten and clarify the recruiting process” for them.  Up until last week, my answer would have been that “I am not familiar with anything”.  Recently I was sent a book written by Wayne Mazzoni (he is the assistant baseball coach at Sacred Heart University)  called “The High School Athlete’s Guide to College Baseball”.  I have just finished it and I must say that it is current, easy to understand, and is very informative.  I emailed Wayne and  congratulated him on a project well done.  I asked his permission to make all the recruits in my files aware of his book.  The answer was a very enthusiastic “YES”!   Hope this helps you.  Coach Stotz, Associate Head Coach, Stanford University Baseball

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baseball training guide

Get Recruited DVD By Coach Wayne Mazzoni, NCAA Division 1 Coach

By Coach Wayne Mazzoni, NCAA Division I Coach.  This seminar shows baseball players how to get the best out of the recruiting process: conduct it like a job search, wherein the student-athlete is marketed to college coaches. You must target the right schools and then market yourself in the right way. Once a coach becomes interested many other issues must be settled (NCAA Clearinghouse, recruiting rules, scholarship issues, etc.

Only a college coach knows the secrets to recruiting! This seminar has been performed at over 300 High Schools.

I’ve been at the high school as AD for 12 years.  Wayne has done his recruiting talk – 12 years straight and will continue to come every year I am the AD.  Believe it or not, I learn something new at every talk, and parents going through it for the first time, learn a ton.  I applaud his style and information.” Ralph Amitrano, AD, Mineola HS.

Click here for a link to some of the schools Coach Mazz has spoken at along with quotes from school officials.

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The College Coaches Online – CD (for all NCAA male/female sports)

If your goal is to receive an athletic scholarship or have the opportunity to compete in college athletics and receive an outstanding college education, College Coaches OnlineSM can be of great tool to help you! We are not a recruiting service!

We endorse the “Do it Yourself” approach to college and university selection. There are many valuable “self help” books on the market that give a step by step guide for the student athlete. However, obtaining the names of coaches and identifying schools which match your academic and athletic skills is a very time consuming process.

College Coaches OnlineSM not only saves countless hours researching colleges and universities, but allows you to narrow your focus of schools quickly. We can help student-athletes find the colleges and universities that match their academic and athletic ability, while allowing you to select a school size, cost and location.

“Thanks so much for introducing us to this product. We really didn’t know where to start and this CD really helped us with the college search and with contacting coaches.”

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YOU vs. YOU Sports Psychology for Life

Written by Coach Wayne Mazzoni
NCAA Division I Coach
Foreword by ESPN’s Karl Ravech

Most of us spend a good part of our lives competing in one way or another.
We compete for grades, to get into colleges, for jobs, promotions, to win the
love of someone, and of course, in many ways, through athletics. And while
to a certain extent we do compete against others, it really comes down to a
game against yourself. In sports, and in life, it really is YOU vs. YOU.

“YOU vs. YOU is a book that will not only motivate athletes of all ages, but anyone trying to find a way to improve any aspect of their lives,” –  Dan O’Dowd, General Manager, Colorado Rockies

This book is the class text book for Colorado State University’s, Sports Psychology 101 course.

Book $15 plus $3 shipping and handling
EBook $10

Athletes Instruction Book

Written by Coach Wayne Mazzoni
NCAA Division I Coach

Athletes always need to stay motivated to bring out their best, while at the same time enjoying the privilege of playing sports. This book offers 500 quick tips to keep you working your hardest
while at the same time, keeping it all in perspective.

Some tips…

  • Work on what you do best and worst.
  • Train with the hardest working player on the team.
  • Thank your parents, trainers, coaches, and administrators.
  • You can cram for a test, but never a game.
  • The most important critic is the one in the mirror.

Sports are a mirror of life. What we learn on the field often translates to how we do off it. This book helps everyone see the relationship between the two,” Mark Shapiro, General Manager, Cleveland Indians

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The Athlete's Instruction Book

The Left-Handed Pick-Off: A Guide to the Ultimate Move

Written by Coach Wayne Mazzoni
NCAA Division I Coach

NCAA Division I Coach The Left Handed Pick-Off: A Guide to the Ultimate Move offers a detailed overview of the basic factors involved in this key defensive maneuver. Designed for athletes and coaches at all competitive levels, the video explains and demonstrates how southpaw pitchers can execute this move in an effective manner. Not only can perfecting this move improve the ability of left-handed pitchers to actually pick runners off, it will – at a minimum-help them keep runners close to the base.

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Among the topics covered in the video:

  • Why the pick-off move of a left-handed pitcher is one of the biggest (yet most undercoached) advantages in sports
  • How to spot poor pick-off moves
  • How to hold runners on without pick-offs
  • A sequential breakdown of the “ultimate move”
  • Developmental Drills

Coach Mazzoni presented this topic at the 2004 ABCA Coaches Convention.

What they are saying…

“There are so few coaches that really know how to teach all aspects of the lefty pick-off move at any level of baseball. Coach Mazzoni’s video will help both players and coaches learn how to take advantage of this under coached part of the game,” Paul Mainieri, Head Baseball Coach, LSU

“In my 42 years coaching at the Division I level, Wayne is one of the best two coaches I have ever seen on this topic. Both the information and demonstration will make anyone learn a better move,” Andy Baylock, former head baseball coach, UCONN

“This video has everything you need to know about the left-handed pick off move. Not only does it give our pitches an edge it also helps our baserunners. I recommend it to everyone,” Carmen Carcone, Assistant Baseball Coach, University of Maryland, Orleans Cardinals Cape Cod League

“Coach Mazzoni does an outstanding job of teaching the ABC’s of the lefthanded pickoff move. It is something that I’ve added into our practices for our lefties,” Tim Shea, Head Baseball Coach at Southern Connecticut State University

“Coach Mazzoni teaches the Left Handed pickoff move in a way that all lefties can easily learn. I did not think this was a part of the game that could be taught until this video,” Jayson King, Head Baseball Coach, Franklin Pierce College

“I believe your speech at the ABCA was one of the most informative and interesting topics of the convention. Since I was a RHP I really didn’t know much on left-handed pick off moves. Your drill sequence is now a part of the practice plan for my left-handed pitchers and they really respond well from it,” Chris Rateike, Pitching Coach, Frank Phillips College

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Video: Keys to D1 Pitching Velocity

How Pitching Is Taught

Most pitchers learn from their pitching coaches. Most pitching coaches learned from their pitching coaches. The information is passed around often without being questioned. It must be right, we assume, it’s what we were taught.

Well, what if it’s not? My guess is that if you go to 10 pitching coaches, you will get 10 different thoughts on the way pitchers should be trained and ultimately throw. But has anyone stopped and looked at the video of how the best in the world do it?

Well, I have. Through a great video software program called Right View Pro and it has changed the way I have coached my college pitchers.

And it’s worked. At Sacred Heart University where I am the pitching coach, our three starters pitched complete game victories in our conference tournament, propelling us to the NCAA Regional at Clemson University. In those three complete nine inning games, those pitchers gave up 1 run, 1 run, and 2 runs! Something must be working.

Watch Video Excerpt

One Year Access to D1 Mechanics Video $19.95

21st Century Baseball Strength Training – DVD

This DVD was filmed during the Baseball Strength Training Camp. Four hours of footage has been edited into a 45 minute workout you can follow. Shot with Coach “B”, baseball strength training coach at The College of the Holy Cross, you will find this video to be one of the best of it’s kind. After an athlete improves his skills, the best way to excel is to improve the body. This video will help you do that in a baseball specific way.

“Craig had a great experience at the camp and learned a lot. He said that was the quickest 4 hours that he can remember,” Charlie Wolgast

“Excellent job. The camp was very interactive (much better than sitting and listening for too long). Commentary was key — focus on several factors as important, i.e. exercise along with rest, quickness vs. long run endurance, nutrition importance, etc.

Thanks for the invite – well worth it! Coach B did a great job with instruction,” Doug Dulin

“Steven had a great experience at yesterday’s camp and walked away with so
much knowledge. Can’t thank you enough! Many thanks,” Kathy Nordmann

“The strength camp was one of the best camps I have ever been to regarding workout routines and healthy eating habits. Since the camp I have already started changing my eating habits. The workout left me sore and tired, but I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve themselves,” Ty Buccetti

“My son Cameron thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Coach B and yourself. The information was quite timely in his athletic development. The program has already made a serious impact on him. We look forward to other programs,” Mark Laney

Watch Video Excerpt

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Video Analysis Evaluation

Coach Mazzoni will analyze your hitting or pitching mechanics via the Coaches Eye video analysis program. Video will include:

· Voice over video analysis.

· State of the art telestration

· Online links to show you proper technique.

  • Video can be sent to you via email (, or texted to 203.260.4932).  You can take the video using any program.  However, film one delivery from the side and it will be imported to my program to look like this.) 
  • The video will be sent back to you by email with a link.  Click here for a sample of a reviewed video.
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